406 – Bonus for the Cinematographer

It was evening already and we just finished our last video clip „Two Lovers in the Pool“. But instead of leaving the pool and having a cigarette Tricia and Minnie decided to stay a little bit longer in the warm water and to do a bonus performance for me, the cinematographer. You will not see all as later we switched the camera off for some really private action.. Please forgive me but you may understand that after this performance I could not resist!

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404 – The Real Focus of the Cameraman: Minnie Manga!

We have so many requests from girls who want to model us, that sometimes it gets boring for the cameraman. It also sometimes shows what his real interest is. Actually, Harry was supposed to film the new candidate. But we are glad that he allowed himself to be distracted…

1 Video / mp4 / 13 min / 1080p / 1,1 GB / $14.90


403 – Oh no, your Dad is Coming!

Nikki Nuttz and Tricia actually thought that they were alone in the weekend home of Tricia’s parents. Tricia’s father unexpectedly came up the stairs to the pool. At first, Nikki wanted Tricia’s father to leave as soon as possible, but after a short while he began to enjoy the situation. Luckily, Tricia had been training holding breath so intensely in the past few months.

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