081 – Kriztina and her Snorkel Pipe

Kriztina already was a good friend of mine when she visited me in my hotel room. She was aware of my strange desires and after knowing me more than one year she discovered the underwater pleasure more and more. First Kriztina used her snorkel pipe to stay underwater and to feel the warm water caressing her body in the bathtub. Later she just took a dreep breath and exhaled all the air while rubbing herself underwater.

080 – Emi Learns to Use Her Diving Gear

After teaching Emi scuba diving she went back in the pool with me. In the beginning we just shared the regulator. After she took her diving knife and started to caress herself with the glossy blade. It was great to watch her under water and to listen to her breaths and moans…!

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079 – Alexandras Piercings

In this set I present my dear friend Alexandra. As quite a lot of the aqua-girls also Alexandra was not able to swim. You can see how scary she looked when I convinced her to try out scuba diving. But on the other hand Alexandra was proud of her piercings and she liked to show them to others. So now we can present you a underwater piercing show!

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078 – Mikes First real Underwater Fuck!

After his first underwater experience with Candy and Minie Mike did not stop to call me again and again. He acquired a taste for underwater sex as we say in Germany. “Listening to Candy when she is moaning underwater already brings me close to climax”, he said and asked for another shooting as soon as possible. Of course we took the chance and arranged the shooting quickly. He thanked us with a huge cumshot!

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077 – Li Tiger Body

Again a photo series from long ago. Li was wearing a extreme high cut body in tiger design. I did not mesure it but I beleive that Li was heating up the coold pool water simply by her hot burning body and the tiger-suit that she was wearing in the pool. Taking the photos I had to fight against the reflex just to open these three little buttons right over her clit. But – lucky me – Li noticed my desire, she touched the fabric and opened her body in slow motion just for me…!

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076 – Minnie Manga Scuba in Bed

This really was a bad day because first of all it was raining like hell so that we escaped to the bedroom. Secondly the camera crashed so that the sound (that should have the most impotant part of this clip) was not clear and all the shots with the rear of Minnie to the camera could not be used. But because we know that some of you might like this parts anyway we added them at the end of this clip (but not to the trailer).

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075 – Sorry Mike – No Second Orgasm For Candy

I have to tell you that for this clip I was not the director! Candy wanted to be fixed on the bottom of the pool and be licked underwater until climax by her friend Minnie. Minnie did her job well but after licking Candy she wanted also to be licked by her friend. Somehow she did not take care. All efforts of her friend Mike where invain. Maybe instead of licking her friends clit it would have been more efficient to ventilate her or to bring her up to the surface…

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