412 – Peer Learning

Barbara was working with us a couple of times. She was quite good in using scuba gear. In this clip you see Barbara teaching our new model Marta how to scuba dive. I had the chance to film the two beautiful girls in their sexy transparent swimsuits – just from time to time I had to stop them to give them some tips.

1 Video / mpe / 11 min / 1080p / 1 Gb / $11.90


099 – Gerty Tries Her First Underwater Workout

In the afternoon of a very hot day Gerty desided to do her workout in the pool instead of the garden. She took her googles and put on her Realise one-piece swimsuit and went in. I don’t have to explain to you how great it was for us to tape her while she was doing her exercises underwater in the pool. Later she pulled off her Realise swimsuit and showed us her perfect slim body…

1 Video / mp4 / 6 min / 1080p / 0.5 GB / 7.90 $

097 – Minnie Manga enjoys her REALISE Swimsuit

I am still watching this clip frequently. My biggest thanks go to Minie with her perfect body that she presents in a marveles way AND to the designers of the Realise swimsuit collection! Minie and Realise swimsuits together are the dream of my youth! Even more because Minie did not simply wear her swimsuit like other clothes. She felt totally sexy in it. So much that she could not resist to take a big breath and to masturbate until the end when she nearly could not resist against the need of oxigen for her lungs…

1 Video / mp4 / 10 min / 1080p / 0.7 GB / 11.90 $

096 – Nora’s Test of Grandma’s Old Dive Gear Went Wrong

When Nora tried out the old dive gear that she got from her grandma she always was a little bit scared. With caution she swam underwater always thinking about the old double hose regulator that had not been used since more than 40 years now. On the other hand Nora remembered all the stories that her grandma had told her about wild underwater sex origes that she and her grandpa experienced so many years ago wearing exactely this dive gear. Exactly when she became a little bit more confident the regulator blocked…

1 Video / mp4 / 8 min / 1080p / 1.0GB / 9.90 $

095 – Dive Course for Irina

It always is a pleasure when we introcuce new girls into the underwater world. This clip is about how Irina experienced scuba diving the first time of her life. The clip was taped with an action camera fixed on the dive masters mask.Irina was curious, willing to learn and in the end she even wanted to give something back to the instructor. She felt so good underwater that she opened her neoprene swimsuit and showed her nice breasts…

1 Video / mp4 / 13 min / 1080p / $13.90

094 – Just Put Your Fucking Knife Away and Lick Me!

Minnie tried to convince Candy to have some lesbian sex in the pool but after a few minutes she noticed that Candy had nothing against been licked underwater as long as there was no knife threatening her…

1 Video / mp4 / 9 min / 1080p / 0.9 GB / 11.90 $

083 – Underwater-Shooting with Victoria

Victoria was one of the girls that just wanted the experience of being model under water. She was curious how her body would look on the photos when her breast would be weightless. I tried my best to take the most erotic photos of her perfect body and again you can imagine that I staid under as long as I could hold my breath not to loose any second of the great view of Victorias body under water.

Image Set / 246 photos / 4000p / ZIP / 400 MB / $ 7.90

079 – Alexandras Piercings

In this set I present my dear friend Alexandra. As quite a lot of the aqua-girls also Alexandra was not able to swim. You can see how scary she looked when I convinced her to try out scuba diving. But on the other hand Alexandra was proud of her piercings and she liked to show them to others. So now we can present you a underwater piercing show!

Image Set / 71 photos / 2816p / ZIP / 100 MB / $ 7.90

077 – Li Tiger Body

Again a photo series from long ago. Li was wearing a extreme high cut body in tiger design. I did not mesure it but I beleive that Li was heating up the coold pool water simply by her hot burning body and the tiger-suit that she was wearing in the pool. Taking the photos I had to fight against the reflex just to open these three little buttons right over her clit. But – lucky me – Li noticed my desire, she touched the fabric and opened her body in slow motion just for me…!

Image Set / 209 photos / 1080p / ZIP / 49 MB

062 – Vivianne Tiger String Bathtube

Often it is hard to continue a shooting when a girl really turns you on. This was the case when Vivianne went into the bathtube. I did not know that she could hold her breath for nearly two minutes. During the last thirty seconds of her breathhold she got more and more exited. She hardly needed to touch herself to get to the point when she started having a overwhelming orgasm under the water.

Image Set / 624 photos / 1080p / ZIP / 322 MB / $ 7.90

058 – Katharina Bond Girl

Actually it was late in the year and the water was to cold to dive in her black swimsuit only. But Katharina loved it to pose with the old style dive aquippment and so we got a wounderful photo set that reminds in the 60ies and 70ies when many of us where watching TV only to catch a look at this Bond Girls.

Image Set / 174 photos / 2816x2112p / ZIP / 370 MB / $ 6.90

057 – Lidia Scuba with Bathing Cap

Lidia did not expect to get nacked during our shooting afternoon. But after the first sets have been done she did not regred when I asked her for a nude scene as well. Watch her and you will see how much she enjoied the warm water caressing her nice pussy while she was breathing from my scuba tank. Next time, she told me, she will be prepared and she will shave her pussy more carefully…!

1 Video / mp4 / 15 min / 0.7 GB / 1080p / $ 9.90

056 – Bernice with Goggles

Often during past years of shootings we have not been lucky with the quality of the water. Quite often it was not as clear as it should be. On the first day of the shooting with Bernice we had the same problem. But don’t worry we two had other shootings later also under water. So you will have the chance to watch one of the most beautiful girls that I ever met!

Image Set / 174 photos / 2816x2112p / ZIP / 370 MB / $ 6.90

054 – Silvia Tries Out Her Black Oval Mask

Silvia found an old oval mask in her parents house. Of course she wanted to try it in our pool and I took a few pictures and I shoot a video too. The video had such a bad quality that it only was possible to take out some vidcaps. Hope you enjoy the pictures anyway – at least Silvia enjoied very much swimming and diving in the pool.

039 – Minnies and Eduards First Underwater Experience

Actually the title of the video is not correct because for Mini it wasn’t her first underwater experience. Indeed we had a few shootings before but on that day she called me and asked if she could bring a friend with her. Guess that I did not had anything against it and so at least Eduard had his first underwater experience. I can tell you that he loved it when Minnie kissed his dick through the fabric of his tight swimsuit and then started sucking him.

1 Video / mp4 / 16 min / 2.1 GB / $ 12.90

038 – Roberta Scuba in her Yellow Swimsuit

In the morning it was raining and because of that I wanted to cancel the shooting with Roberta. But she insisted much as she had to go abroad in the afternoon and she wanted to have the scuba experience. As nearly all our girls she learned fast to breath from a regulator and after ten minutes she felt so comfortable under water that she started to show me her slim erotic body. Even though her yellow swimsuit became semi transparent under water she presented a underwater striptease for me until she was completely naked.

Image Set / 164 photos / 4000 x 3000 p / ZIP / 116 MB / $ 6.90

036 – Katharina First Tme Scuba

You already might know Katharina from set 028 when she was showing us her long red hair underwater. This is the second shooting that we had together and Katharina wanted to try scuba. As you can imagine it did not take long and she was a safe scuba diver and she liked to show me her perfect body underwater. Because after nearly one hour of shooting in the water we were cold and ended up in the hot shower.

Image Set / 347 photos / 4000 x 3000 p / ZIP / 643 MB / $ 7.90

012 – Lesbo Dive in Bathtube

Vivianne and Candy spend their afternoon in the spa of the hotel. Each time when they started to kiss and to caress eachother other guests of the hotel went in the pool or the jaacuzzi. So they where desperate for some sexual action when they came back to their hotel room. Candy (wearing the black swimsuit) imediately filled the tub and started to kiss her friend. They ended up with a kind of breathholding contest: Who could stay under longer to lick the friends pussy until the orgasm?

Image Set / 718 Photos / 1920 x 1080p / Zip File / 147 MB / $6.90