588 – Aria’s Testing Went Wrong

This is another ending to our last clip with Aria. As is so often the case, the old diving equipment had mechanical problems… The clip consists almost entirely of new footage. Aria fights for every breath underwater. All people who have already bought clip 587 can get this clip from me for free. Please just send me a short message.

1 Video / mp4 / 9 min / 1080p / 0.8 GB / 11.90 $

587 – Aria Testing Her Vintage Twin Tanks

Aria loved diving in our pool with the old scuba gear. It’s a whole different ograsmus under water, she used to say. Anyone who has ever had this experience can certainly only agree with her. But there is another ending to the film. Unfortunately, Aria’s orgasm was her last. If you want the other end of the clip, you’ll have to wait a few days.

1 Video / mp4 / 14 min / 1080p / 1.2 GB / 15.90 $

418 – Leona Green – Scuba in Bed

Because the weather was so bad again that we could not film outside, Leona just brought a compressed air bottle to bed and we turned in the nice backdrop of an old room a vintage clip, which in the end was very hot despite everything. We hope Leona did not disturb the neighbors too much …

1 Video / mp4 / 10 min / 1080p / 1 Gb / $13.90


332 – Bathing Cap Love

Nikki could barely hide the excitement that spread in his swimsuit. Actually, he had invited his girlfriend Zazie only to swim in the pool. But Zazie did not seem to mind the bump in Nikki’s swimsuit…

1 Video / mp4 / 18 min / 1080p / 1.5 GB / $19.90


090 – Just a Training!

Before our shooting last year I invited Candy and Mike for a scuba training. It was great fun for everybody so there is no reason to hold back this clip from you. Now, after in clip 078 I saw Mike pumping his semen in the water I am not sure if it was a good idea to ask him to keep his cum for the following day…

1 Video / mp4 / 09 min / 1080p / 0,6 GB / 9.90 $

074 – Andra Naked Scuba

Again one of our older photo series. I don’t even remember what year it was exactly but I remember the situation very well. Andra was one of the first aqua-girls that liked to perform while she was scuba diving under water. Somehow this set was one of our initial experiments that let us start the whole thing with aqua-girls!

Image Set / 138 photos / 1080p / ZIP / 220 MB

057 – Lidia Scuba with Bathing Cap

Lidia did not expect to get nacked during our shooting afternoon. But after the first sets have been done she did not regred when I asked her for a nude scene as well. Watch her and you will see how much she enjoied the warm water caressing her nice pussy while she was breathing from my scuba tank. Next time, she told me, she will be prepared and she will shave her pussy more carefully…!

1 Video / mp4 / 15 min / 0.7 GB / 1080p / $ 9.90

046 – Old Video Shoot

Shortly after the iron curtain in Europe came down me and my former girlfriend bought second hand western diving equippment and tried it out in our GDR normed pool. Ulla, my girlfriendwho just turned 18 was my first underwater model and after this first video shooting we had a lot of fun in our old style pool.

Image Set / 902 photos / 1080p / ZIP / 378 MB / $ 6.90

045 – Eva Black Bathing Cap

I did not think twice when Eva asked me again to come with her in the pool and to take some photos when she masturbates under the water. I hardly could stand when she prepared herself for the dive putting on the black swimcap. Finally underwater with her 4-liter-tank it did not take long to bring herself to the edge and me too…

Image Set / 216 photos / 3000x4000p / ZIP / 334 MB / $ 6.90

031 – Marleen And Her Red Scarf

A few weeks after our first shooting Marleen came for another dive. This time she brought her red scarf with her. I forwarded mask, swim cap, scuba tank and my old Baramat 2002 regulator, Again Marleen loved it to float in the water and to pose for my camera! Even after she emptied her tank she wanted to go under again for a second session. Of course I agreed and asked her just to wear goggles instead of her mask. Again we had a wonderful afternoon in the hotel pool…!

Image Set / 203 photos / 2592 – 1944 p / ZIP / 230 MB / $ 7.90

022 – Marleen Scuba Continous

After her first scuba experience Marleen wanted to have another dive just nacked. Only for me she just put on her swimcap and went into the hotel pool again. You can imagine how much I loved to take pictures of her naked body under the water!

Image Set / 90 Photos / 2816 x 2112p /  Zip File / 395 MB / $ 6.90

021 – Marleen Scuba Dance

This photoset technical was a desaster because of the digital underwater camera that we borrowed from a friend a few years ago. But with a new light correction program it was possible to safe the pictures that I took when Marleen was doing her first experiences with scuba under water. As you see she was a fast learner and what you also can see is that Marleen over water is a talented latin dancer…!

Image Set / 114 Photos / 2816 x 2112p /  Zip File / 252 MB / $ 6.90

018 – In the Pool With Maya

Maya went to swim in the small pool of a friend. She was just wearing her tight string body and her black rubber swim cap. I took photos when she enjoid the water just in front of me. After she was out I asked her to go for another swim and I would follow her with my underwater-camera…

Image Set / 345 Photos / 2816 x 21120p / 2 Zip Files / 363 MB / $ 6.90