160 – The Big Wave

Actually Norah just wanted to do some swimming exercises in the pool. Because nobody was in the house that morning Nora jumped in naked. After a few rounds of swimming Nora got this very special feeling that all of us get when the warm water caresses our naked bodies… She stopped her exercises and started to rub her clitoris. After a few minutes she felt the first contractions between her legs. Then the big wave came and took her underwater…

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159 – Candy’s Last Orgasm Underwater

Because her boyfriend Mike was on a business trip since two weeks Candy often went into the pool alone. Breathing from the old air tank with the regulator that she inherited from her grandma she thought about all the days and nights that both together they spent on the bottom of the pool loving each other until they both climaxed. Also this afternoon Candy finished her dreams with a big orgasm but after something went wrong: Either there was no air left in the bottle or the old regulator was broken….

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158 – Anina Hardly Can Wait

After joining the Aqua-Girls group this year and experiencing all the nice things that are possible underwater she can hardly wait for the next season… Unfortunately this will last a few more months but we have other clips with Anina to edit during winter.

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