048 – Paola Loves Brazil

Even after loosing the world championship Paola was still a bit fan of the Brazilian Football team. But like the football Paola liked the strange Brazilian Bikinis. For me she was wearing a tiny yellow fringed bikini that she wanted to show me underwater in the pool.

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047 – Dragans Dream

My friend Dragan was very impressed when he joined our shooting with Lidia (set 024 and 026). I told him that there was no way to come closer and to have sex with Lidia. Dragan at least had his dreams until a certain point…

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046 – Old Video Shoot

Shortly after the iron curtain in Europe came down me and my former girlfriend bought second hand western diving equippment and tried it out in our GDR normed pool. Ulla, my girlfriendwho just turned 18 was my first underwater model and after this first video shooting we had a lot of fun in our old style pool.

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045 – Eva Black Bathing Cap

I did not think twice when Eva asked me again to come with her in the pool and to take some photos when she masturbates under the water. I hardly could stand when she prepared herself for the dive putting on the black swimcap. Finally underwater with her 4-liter-tank it did not take long to bring herself to the edge and me too…

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044 – The Blue Dolphin

It is nice that as a photographer you have the chance to let your dreams become true – at least you graphically can catch them. This series with Stella as model describes what I wished when as a 13 year old boy with my googles in the public pool wanted to become true. Of course it never did. Never? Just a few years later (actually many years later) Stella fulfilled my dreams when she tried to ride on her blue dolphin and plaied for me in and under the water.

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