528 – Fight With Me!

Through our clips we have become a little known. In October, a film production company asked us if we had a female assistant for an underwater fight scene. Tricia Teen was the first to apply for the video and this is how this application video came about.

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406 – Bonus for the Cinematographer

It was evening already and we just finished our last video clip „Two Lovers in the Pool“. But instead of leaving the pool and having a cigarette Tricia and Minnie decided to stay a little bit longer in the warm water and to do a bonus performance for me, the cinematographer. You will not see all as later we switched the camera off for some really private action.. Please forgive me but you may understand that after this performance I could not resist!

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224 – Sweet Dreams

He finished work, the weather was nice and the pool was still warm. So Eduard decided to enjoy staying underwater with his scuba equipment. Not long and he started to dream that many of us might have dreamed already…

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159 – Candy’s Last Orgasm Underwater

Because her boyfriend Mike was on a business trip since two weeks Candy often went into the pool alone. Breathing from the old air tank with the regulator that she inherited from her grandma she thought about all the days and nights that both together they spent on the bottom of the pool loving each other until they both climaxed. Also this afternoon Candy finished her dreams with a big orgasm but after something went wrong: Either there was no air left in the bottle or the old regulator was broken….

1 Video / mp4 / 7 min / 1080p / 0.7 GB / 9.90 $

135 – Candy’s Unfortunate Agreement

Candy agreed when Mike proposed to bind her on the bottom of the pool and to try to lick her so good that she should get her orgasm with the little air that she had with her in the tiny 0,7 litre bottle. For sure Mike did his best and was licking her as good and long as he could. But because he was without scuba he had to go up from time to time for air. If Candy in the end got her orgasm or not will ever be a secret…

1 Video / mp4 / 7 min / 1080p / 0.6 GB / 12.90 $

096 – Nora’s Test of Grandma’s Old Dive Gear Went Wrong

When Nora tried out the old dive gear that she got from her grandma she always was a little bit scared. With caution she swam underwater always thinking about the old double hose regulator that had not been used since more than 40 years now. On the other hand Nora remembered all the stories that her grandma had told her about wild underwater sex origes that she and her grandpa experienced so many years ago wearing exactely this dive gear. Exactly when she became a little bit more confident the regulator blocked…

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090 – Just a Training!

Before our shooting last year I invited Candy and Mike for a scuba training. It was great fun for everybody so there is no reason to hold back this clip from you. Now, after in clip 078 I saw Mike pumping his semen in the water I am not sure if it was a good idea to ask him to keep his cum for the following day…

1 Video / mp4 / 09 min / 1080p / 0,6 GB / 9.90 $

085 – Double Hose Dive

Minnie became more and more familar with the underwater performences. Each time when she went underwater she was turned on by the feeling of beeing completely submerged, surrounded by the water and breathing easily from a regulator. It was such a good feeling for her to masturbate in this envirement that she did not want to let any chance to practice.

1 Video / mp4 / 15 min / 1080p / 1 GB / 15.90 $

082 – Bad Ending

In the end of the day Minnie wanted to relax a bit on the bottom of the pool. She took her double hose regulator and the small air tank that should give her enough air to climax underwater one or two times. Minnie felt so hot that she got her first orgasm imediately after she submerged and started to caress her waiting clitoris. Also her second orgasm did not take long and so Minnie was relaxed when she was caught by the green net that somebody might have forgotten to take out from the pool…

1 Video / mp4 / 14 min / 1080p / 1 GB / 14.90 $

080 – Emi Learns to Use Her Diving Gear

After teaching Emi scuba diving she went back in the pool with me. In the beginning we just shared the regulator. After she took her diving knife and started to caress herself with the glossy blade. It was great to watch her under water and to listen to her breaths and moans…!

1 Video / mp4 / 7 min / 1080p / 1 GB / 8.90 $

079 – Alexandras Piercings

In this set I present my dear friend Alexandra. As quite a lot of the aqua-girls also Alexandra was not able to swim. You can see how scary she looked when I convinced her to try out scuba diving. But on the other hand Alexandra was proud of her piercings and she liked to show them to others. So now we can present you a underwater piercing show!

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073 – Minnie is missing the Big Dick of Her Boyfriend

When she went in the pool for a scuba dive Minie deeply missed her boyfriends hard cock. Instead of the that piece of meat she only had her air tank that might be as hard as Eduards cock and even a little bit bigger but still it was just a poor alternative for her. Anyway after riding the aluminium cock for a while and just imagining her boyfriend’s cock Minie got a overwhelming orgasm under water in the pool.

1 Video / mp4 / 9 min / 0.8 GB / 1080p / $9.90

071 – Irina Masturbating in Old Divegear and Wetsuit

Since she saw the Sea Hunt series Irina wanted to try out this kind of old heavy dive equipment and a tight wetsuit. We gave her the chance after our casting and you can see (and hear) how much she enjoied herself underwater after she opened her wetsuit and started to masturbate with nearly all her fingers in her pussy! 

1 Video / mp4 / 11 min / 0.9 GB / 1080p / $13.90

070 – Minnie Manga Closes the Open Water Season

Summer definitely is over. Minie wanted to celebrate it and asked for a shooting in the hot tub of my hotel. When she went down underwater wearing her pink rubber suit and the white bathing cap she remembered all the hot scenes that we produced and that we will edit during the winter season. I don’t know what scene she thought about when she got an overwhelming orgasm in the tube. Maybe she will tell me next time when we meet.

1 Video / mp4 / 12 min / 1 GB / 720p / $11.90

069 – Yes Candy, Do Another Sumersault For Us!

After finishing an explecid scene with her friend Robert he had to rest a while. So Candy asked the cameraman to tape her playing in the pool just wearing her oval vintage blue mask and her flippers. She wanted to surprise her friend with the tape as a present for his birthday. As you will see Candy felt so good in the warm water of the pool, that she did not want to stop with her performance! It is a pity that we had to cut so much of the taped material away..!

1 Video / mp4 / 10 min / 0.9 GB / 1080p/ $ 12.90

067 – Girlfriends with Bathing Caps

It already was September when the last outdoor-shooting took place this year. Shortly before we had to leave the pool Candy and Minie wanted to enter the pool for the last time. I had nothing against and so I could take this video clip of the beautiful and sweet water-loving girls.

1 Video / mp4 / 12 min / 1.3 GB / 1080p / $14.90

065 – Minnie left on the Bottom

Minnie of course trusted her boyfriend when he asked her to fix her on the bottom of the pool with just a two liter air tank. He told her that she would have the best underwater orgasm ever when he would lick her until her bottle would been empty. And her boyfriend was right. She had a great orgasm when he licked her pussy through her camaro neoprene suit but after that he let her alone on the bottom of the pool…

1 Video / mp4 / 5 min / 1080p / 0.3 GB / 8.90 $

064 – Renata Learns Scuba in her Oceanic Neoprene Swimsuit

We met Renata last year when she asked to become a photo model for us. After a few minutes she found our Oceanic neoprene swimsuit and imediately fall in love with it. And I fall in love with her in that pretty piece of neoprene! Enjoy her scuba lessons as we did last year in Summer!

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008 – Steffis First Underwater Orgasm

On a cold winter day Steffi had a strong desire for the sun and the time when she could swim in an outdoor pool. To prepare for the summer she wanted to improve her breathholding ability and went into her parents hot whirlpool when they were out of the town. In order to increase her breathholding time even more she took her purple double dildo with her in the water…

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