065 – Minnie left on the Bottom

Minnie of course trusted her boyfriend when he asked her to fix her on the bottom of the pool with just a two liter air tank. He told her that she would have the best underwater orgasm ever when he would lick her until her bottle would been empty. And her boyfriend was right. She had a great orgasm when he licked her pussy through her camaro neoprene suit but after that he let her alone on the bottom of the pool…

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035 – Christina Tries Out Her Vintage Scuba Gear

You might know Christina from the set no. 007. From the first shooting it was clear for me that she likes the water very much. So it was no problem for her to put on the old style dive gear and to pose for me on the bottom of the pool. Like Angelina in the previous set Christina also wears a Camaro product: A vintage neoprene swimsuit that she stretched so far that she could present us her nice big breasts.

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