018 – In the Pool With Maya

Maya went to swim in the small pool of a friend. She was just wearing her tight string body and her black rubber swim cap. I took photos when she enjoid the water just in front of me. After she was out I asked her to go for another swim and I would follow her with my underwater-camera…

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017 – Fanny Long Hose

In a friends outdoor pool 18 year old Fanny tried first time scuba. She took the friends air tank with her in the pool and the long hose. After a while she felt so comfortable unter water that she did not want to go out from the water. Finally the tank was empty and she had to ascend. “You can took as many photos as you want”, she said to me later. “Just allow me to get into the pool again!”

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016 – Natural Aquaphile Maya

With the right mask Maya had no problems to stay under as long as the air tank allowed. She is one of the girls that naturally was an aquaphile. I liked her slim body under water as she liked to show her tatooed body to us.

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015 – Maya with Blue Rotten Mask

Maya prepared the shooting by putting on the swimsuit and the blue divemask. Because all my attention was catched by taking as many photos as possible from her in her perfect string that somehow lost the string and therefore showed more than expected I did not notice the problems that she had with her mask. In the next set (nr.16) you can see how great she looks under water if she just has a mask that fits to her pretty face.

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