043 – Eva Double Header

Eva was courious how it should feel to masturbate under water. Last summer she took some diving lessons but of course she had no chance to relax and to caress herself while the diving instructor was always close to her. Since then she wanted to masturbate under water so she took the chance of that afternoon when I offered her to join me in the pool and to use the small air tank as long as she wanted.

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042 – Fanny Gets a Scuba Lesson

It was a quite hot afternoon when Fanny came back to my summer house with the pool. Without a stop she directly took on her blue swimsuit and jumped into the pool. She loves to play in the water but this afternoon my friend Maya was there and offered her to try again a scuba dive. Fanny was a learning fast and after a few minutes she was relaxed breathing under water and started to enjoy the warm water arround her.

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041 – Christina Breathhold

Wearing just a shiny bikini bottom sportiv Christina takes a bath in her Jacuzzi. By staying under for more than 90 seconds she tries hard to raise the capazity of her lungs. You know Christina from set no. 007 and set no. 35. Believe me, she really had great fun posing for me under water while holding her breath as long as possible.

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040 – Just Snorkels and Masks

You know Domenica and Adele from the Photoset No. 9 when they cleaned the outdoor pool a big thunder storm. The next day was rainy too so our two sisters took their old diving masks and snorkel from the board and started to play with them in the tub. They tried to stay under water as long as possible and trained their breath holding capacitys. From under the surface they looked at me and I hardly could resist to jump into the tub!

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039 – Minnies and Eduards First Underwater Experience

Actually the title of the video is not correct because for Mini it wasn’t her first underwater experience. Indeed we had a few shootings before but on that day she called me and asked if she could bring a friend with her. Guess that I did not had anything against it and so at least Eduard had his first underwater experience. I can tell you that he loved it when Minnie kissed his dick through the fabric of his tight swimsuit and then started sucking him.

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038 – Roberta Scuba in her Yellow Swimsuit

In the morning it was raining and because of that I wanted to cancel the shooting with Roberta. But she insisted much as she had to go abroad in the afternoon and she wanted to have the scuba experience. As nearly all our girls she learned fast to breath from a regulator and after ten minutes she felt so comfortable under water that she started to show me her slim erotic body. Even though her yellow swimsuit became semi transparent under water she presented a underwater striptease for me until she was completely naked.

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037 – Constanze and her Pink Dildo

I don’t know if it will worth to give some money for this clip because Constanze and me where both trying hard to do things for the first time: She tried hard to use a big dildo under water and I tried the first time to catch this with my camera. This clip is good only for people who have a strong phantasie that let them imagine from the scuba breaths and the dancing camera how hot it was with Constanze in the pool. In the end we totally forgot about the video and tried something together for our first time both….

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036 – Katharina First Tme Scuba

You already might know Katharina from set 028 when she was showing us her long red hair underwater. This is the second shooting that we had together and Katharina wanted to try scuba. As you can imagine it did not take long and she was a safe scuba diver and she liked to show me her perfect body underwater. Because after nearly one hour of shooting in the water we were cold and ended up in the hot shower.

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