444 – Mr. 364 – Underwater Performance for Our New Trainer

Now it was clear, Mr. 364 had not been wrong: the two diving students who slowly undressed in front of him in the pool were real! They kept going and didn’t stop taking each other’s swimsuits off. It’s a good thing that Mr. 364 always had his camera with him in the water. So he could at least document this crazy situation …

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442 – Mr. 364 – Our new Trainer in the Pool

Seems something was a little bit too hot for our new trainer – the water in the pool or the girls of his first scuba course. This is understandable as our new models Miley and Stella are definitely very hot! You cannot stay cool watching the two girls playing underwater in their one-piece racing swimsuits.

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042 – Fanny Gets a Scuba Lesson

It was a quite hot afternoon when Fanny came back to my summer house with the pool. Without a stop she directly took on her blue swimsuit and jumped into the pool. She loves to play in the water but this afternoon my friend Maya was there and offered her to try again a scuba dive. Fanny was a learning fast and after a few minutes she was relaxed breathing under water and started to enjoy the warm water arround her.

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032 – Pool-Games

Sandy and Melanie had big fun with each other in and under the water. With their very sexy string swimsuits they plaid like children. They fighted with eachother, held eachother under as long til they where struggeling and then hugged and kissed eachother. I took the photos in 2009 when I still thought that nobody could have this strange underwater fetish like me. Meanwhile I know that on that day Sandy and Melanie also wanted to try a more explecit sexual experience underwater but because I did not ask them they have been to shy to start on their own.

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