100 – The Plug – Minnie’s and Eduard’s first Anal Sex Underwater

You know Minnie, you know Eduard. They are a couple they are lovers: Underwater-lovers since a few years. Maybe you saw both of them in the clips 39, 49 and 65 (when Eduard was not very nice to Minnie). So you saw these lovers like the water and they like to fuck in and under water. One day during our last shooting in summer 2014 I asked them to do a scene with an anal plug underwater. Both agreed instantly. Because I know these people since long somehow I expected that they would not stop with the plug. But when Eduard suddenly took it out from Minnie’s anus, replaced it with his hard big dick and started to fuck her asshole it was not only me who was surprised but for sure also Minnie…

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099 – Gerty Tries Her First Underwater Workout

In the afternoon of a very hot day Gerty desided to do her workout in the pool instead of the garden. She took her googles and put on her Realise one-piece swimsuit and went in. I don’t have to explain to you how great it was for us to tape her while she was doing her exercises underwater in the pool. Later she pulled off her Realise swimsuit and showed us her perfect slim body…

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098 – Irina’s Pink Belt Masturbation in the Pool

This was the second shooting that we had with Irina (first was clip no. 071). Like before it was a great pleasure to share the pool with her, to watch her swimming with the heavy pink belt and masturbating until the end. Irina is the one that does not moan but listening to her breating is enough to get how far she got fondling herself in front of the camera.

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097 – Minnie Manga enjoys her REALISE Swimsuit

I am still watching this clip frequently. My biggest thanks go to Minie with her perfect body that she presents in a marveles way AND to the designers of the Realise swimsuit collection! Minie and Realise swimsuits together are the dream of my youth! Even more because Minie did not simply wear her swimsuit like other clothes. She felt totally sexy in it. So much that she could not resist to take a big breath and to masturbate until the end when she nearly could not resist against the need of oxigen for her lungs…

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096 – Nora’s Test of Grandma’s Old Dive Gear Went Wrong

When Nora tried out the old dive gear that she got from her grandma she always was a little bit scared. With caution she swam underwater always thinking about the old double hose regulator that had not been used since more than 40 years now. On the other hand Nora remembered all the stories that her grandma had told her about wild underwater sex origes that she and her grandpa experienced so many years ago wearing exactely this dive gear. Exactly when she became a little bit more confident the regulator blocked…

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095 – Dive Course for Irina

It always is a pleasure when we introcuce new girls into the underwater world. This clip is about how Irina experienced scuba diving the first time of her life. The clip was taped with an action camera fixed on the dive masters mask.Irina was curious, willing to learn and in the end she even wanted to give something back to the instructor. She felt so good underwater that she opened her neoprene swimsuit and showed her nice breasts…

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