094 – Just Put Your Fucking Knife Away and Lick Me!

Minnie tried to convince Candy to have some lesbian sex in the pool but after a few minutes she noticed that Candy had nothing against been licked underwater as long as there was no knife threatening her…

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093 – Eva the Pornstar

Eva was just driving me crazy when after our first shooting (photo series 043 and 045) she went back into the pool. She undressed from her nice onepiece swimsuit and showed me her perfect naked body and her marveles big tits underwater. Later Eva told me that she just came back from a production with the most famous porn star Rocco Siffredi. So I was proud to face a real pornstar underwater and of course I agreed when Eva proposed another shooting one or two weeks later.

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092 – Candy Relax on the Bottom of the Pool

Candy really enjoied to play in the pool to perform for our camera and finally to get her reward when she was hit by the wafes of her underwater orgasm. Candy we love you for that!

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091 – After the Shower with Angelina

Again a photo series from long time ago! That time I still was a little bit nervous if I asked the models to use a divemask in the bathtube. Fortunately Angelina had no problem with this and was our first masked model in the bathtube.

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090 – Just a Training!

Before our shooting last year I invited Candy and Mike for a scuba training. It was great fun for everybody so there is no reason to hold back this clip from you. Now, after in clip 078 I saw Mike pumping his semen in the water I am not sure if it was a good idea to ask him to keep his cum for the following day…

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089 – Nora Comes to Climax with the Last Bit of Air

It was clear for Nora that the small half-litre-tank would not give air to her for hours but she expected to have enough air to masturbate with her pink double header dildo until the end. It came out like she expected but exactly when she came to the highest point she was out of air so that the had to surface before the last waves of her orgasm passed by.

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088 – No Underwater Reaxation for Candy

After a hard day Candy wanted to relax a little in the pooll. “It is a complete different world if you lay on the bottom!”, she said to me. “All the wiggles of the day are just gone and if there is nobody who goes with you you simply can start to caresses yourself and your dreams will bring you annwhere!” She took her scuba gear, put the heavy weight belt on and went under…Unfortunately she forgot about her neighbour who hated Candy since she had a short affair with her neighbours boyfriend. The door of the pool yard was still open…

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