421 – Dangerous Pool with Alternative Ending

Gaby, one of the newcomers in our team was learning fast. After finishing the filming of the clip she remained in the water and after half an hour she asked us to film the final scene again. So we did and you can see that she was learing quick! (We have no sequence or picture of the Alternative Ending in the preview. It remains a secret for those who support us and buy the clip!)

1 Video / mp4 / 16 min / 1080p / 1.4 Gb / $16.90


418 – Leona Green – Scuba in Bed

Because the weather was so bad again that we could not film outside, Leona just brought a compressed air bottle to bed and we turned in the nice backdrop of an old room a vintage clip, which in the end was very hot despite everything. We hope Leona did not disturb the neighbors too much …

1 Video / mp4 / 10 min / 1080p / 1 Gb / $13.90


093 – Eva the Pornstar

Eva was just driving me crazy when after our first shooting (photo series 043 and 045) she went back into the pool. She undressed from her nice onepiece swimsuit and showed me her perfect naked body and her marveles big tits underwater. Later Eva told me that she just came back from a production with the most famous porn star Rocco Siffredi. So I was proud to face a real pornstar underwater and of course I agreed when Eva proposed another shooting one or two weeks later.

Image Set / 250 photos / HQ / ZIP / 373 MB

091 – After the Shower with Angelina

Again a photo series from long time ago! That time I still was a little bit nervous if I asked the models to use a divemask in the bathtube. Fortunately Angelina had no problem with this and was our first masked model in the bathtube.

Image Set / 307 photos / 4000p / ZIP / 519 MB

026 – Lidia Dräger Underwater

I am happy that you enjoy Lidia as much as I do! She was pretty at the edge of the pool but even more sexy when she was breathing from her old Dräger double hose regulator. Even without having it on the schedule she started to take her Oceanic noeprene wetsuit away and showed me her beautiful young pussy… One month later I met Lidia again and I can tell you that we will show you even nicer photosets in future!

1 Video / 14 min / mp4 / 717 MB + 592 Vidcaps / 1080p / Zip File / 140 MB / $ 14.90