074 – Andra Naked Scuba

Again one of our older photo series. I don’t even remember what year it was exactly but I remember the situation very well. Andra was one of the first aqua-girls that liked to perform while she was scuba diving under water. Somehow this set was one of our initial experiments that let us start the whole thing with aqua-girls!

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073 – Minnie is missing the Big Dick of Her Boyfriend

When she went in the pool for a scuba dive Minie deeply missed her boyfriends hard cock. Instead of the that piece of meat she only had her air tank that might be as hard as Eduards cock and even a little bit bigger but still it was just a poor alternative for her. Anyway after riding the aluminium cock for a while and just imagining her boyfriend’s cock Minie got a overwhelming orgasm under water in the pool.

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071 – Irina Masturbating in Old Divegear and Wetsuit

Since she saw the Sea Hunt series Irina wanted to try out this kind of old heavy dive equipment and a tight wetsuit. We gave her the chance after our casting and you can see (and hear) how much she enjoied herself underwater after she opened her wetsuit and started to masturbate with nearly all her fingers in her pussy! 

1 Video / mp4 / 11 min / 0.9 GB / 1080p / $13.90

070 – Minnie Manga Closes the Open Water Season

Summer definitely is over. Minie wanted to celebrate it and asked for a shooting in the hot tub of my hotel. When she went down underwater wearing her pink rubber suit and the white bathing cap she remembered all the hot scenes that we produced and that we will edit during the winter season. I don’t know what scene she thought about when she got an overwhelming orgasm in the tube. Maybe she will tell me next time when we meet.

1 Video / mp4 / 12 min / 1 GB / 720p / $11.90

069 – Yes Candy, Do Another Sumersault For Us!

After finishing an explecid scene with her friend Robert he had to rest a while. So Candy asked the cameraman to tape her playing in the pool just wearing her oval vintage blue mask and her flippers. She wanted to surprise her friend with the tape as a present for his birthday. As you will see Candy felt so good in the warm water of the pool, that she did not want to stop with her performance! It is a pity that we had to cut so much of the taped material away..!

1 Video / mp4 / 10 min / 0.9 GB / 1080p/ $ 12.90