059 – Emi has no Chance

It was the first time when I met Emi. She really is a very nice young girl. Unfortunately her first shooting ended with her left at the bottom of the pool! Because of the rainy weather Emi prefered to test her new two liter air tank in the jacuzzi instead of her parents pool. So she was totally alone when – who ever – shut her air tank and left her with her heavy weight belt on the bottom of the jacuzzi.

1 Video / mp4 / 8 min / 0.4 GB / 1080p / $ 9.90

058 – Katharina Bond Girl

Actually it was late in the year and the water was to cold to dive in her black swimsuit only. But Katharina loved it to pose with the old style dive aquippment and so we got a wounderful photo set that reminds in the 60ies and 70ies when many of us where watching TV only to catch a look at this Bond Girls.

Image Set / 174 photos / 2816x2112p / ZIP / 370 MB / $ 6.90

057 – Lidia Scuba with Bathing Cap

Lidia did not expect to get nacked during our shooting afternoon. But after the first sets have been done she did not regred when I asked her for a nude scene as well. Watch her and you will see how much she enjoied the warm water caressing her nice pussy while she was breathing from my scuba tank. Next time, she told me, she will be prepared and she will shave her pussy more carefully…!

1 Video / mp4 / 15 min / 0.7 GB / 1080p / $ 9.90

056 – Bernice with Goggles

Often during past years of shootings we have not been lucky with the quality of the water. Quite often it was not as clear as it should be. On the first day of the shooting with Bernice we had the same problem. But don’t worry we two had other shootings later also under water. So you will have the chance to watch one of the most beautiful girls that I ever met!

Image Set / 174 photos / 2816x2112p / ZIP / 370 MB / $ 6.90

055 – Nora Makes a Selfie for her Boyfriend

Nora just popped up and asked if she can be an underwarter model for us. As you can imagine I had nothing against it and I even made her to a photographer because I gave to her our GoPro and asked her to make a video for her boyfriend. I don’t know how much her boyfriend likes to watch Nora posing and caressing underwater but we like it very much and so we asked Nora to come back for another shooting. She agreed and so you can watch her again – that time using Minies transparent dildo underwater until she came. But that scene I will edit later this month. 

1 Video / mp4 / 9 min / 0.5 GB / 1080p / $ 9.90

054 – Silvia Tries Out Her Black Oval Mask

Silvia found an old oval mask in her parents house. Of course she wanted to try it in our pool and I took a few pictures and I shoot a video too. The video had such a bad quality that it only was possible to take out some vidcaps. Hope you enjoy the pictures anyway – at least Silvia enjoied very much swimming and diving in the pool.

053 – The Photographer (Part II)

Second part of our first explicit production many years ago. Unfortunately Sandy moved from Germany so this was the first and also the last adult scene with her and her boyfriend.

Image Set / 257 photos / 2816x2112p / ZIP / 326 MB / $ 8.90