035 – Christina Tries Out Her Vintage Scuba Gear

You might know Christina from the set no. 007. From the first shooting it was clear for me that she likes the water very much. So it was no problem for her to put on the old style dive gear and to pose for me on the bottom of the pool. Like Angelina in the previous set Christina also wears a Camaro product: A vintage neoprene swimsuit that she stretched so far that she could present us her nice big breasts.

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033 – Juli in the Tub

We intended to have an outdoor-shooting but it started to rain. So we went to Julies appartment and continued the shooting in her bathroom. Lying down in her tube fully submerged she looked at me so that I hardly could resist to jump into the tube. Such a shame that at that time I did not had a video camera…

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032 – Pool-Games

Sandy and Melanie had big fun with each other in and under the water. With their very sexy string swimsuits they plaid like children. They fighted with eachother, held eachother under as long til they where struggeling and then hugged and kissed eachother. I took the photos in 2009 when I still thought that nobody could have this strange underwater fetish like me. Meanwhile I know that on that day Sandy and Melanie also wanted to try a more explecit sexual experience underwater but because I did not ask them they have been to shy to start on their own.

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031 – Marleen And Her Red Scarf

A few weeks after our first shooting Marleen came for another dive. This time she brought her red scarf with her. I forwarded mask, swim cap, scuba tank and my old Baramat 2002 regulator, Again Marleen loved it to float in the water and to pose for my camera! Even after she emptied her tank she wanted to go under again for a second session. Of course I agreed and asked her just to wear goggles instead of her mask. Again we had a wonderful afternoon in the hotel pool…!

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030 – Vivianne Dreams About A Scuba Guy

It was clear from the beginning: Watching her friends photos in vintage scuba gear would make her horny again. Viviannes biggest wish was to meet a guy that would go down with her scuba diving and more…

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029 – White Mask White Hair

Sandy, from my point of view one of the most pretty girls that I ever had the honor to photograph is back in the pool! After her first great experience with breathing underwater from a regulator she was happy to go under again. This time she let the air tank on the edge of the pool and took the air from the long hose regulator. Only wearing her tiny undie (for a while) and her white mask. For me it was hard to stand looking in her shiny blue eyes in the light blue pool. Her pussy piercings are breathtaking…

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