067 – Girlfriends with Bathing Caps

It already was September when the last outdoor-shooting took place this year. Shortly before we had to leave the pool Candy and Minie wanted to enter the pool for the last time. I had nothing against and so I could take this video clip of the beautiful and sweet water-loving girls.

1 Video / mp4 / 12 min / 1.3 GB / 1080p / $14.90

066 – Steffi tries out her new Ice Vest

Because the weather was lousy Steffi decided to use the indoor pool to try out her second hand ice vest. Just putting the vest and feeling the tightness of the neoprene on her body let her become horny. So she her small double header dildo with her in the pool…

Image Set / 147 photos / 4000x3000p / ZIP / 233 MB / $ 7.90

065 – Minnie left on the Bottom

Minnie of course trusted her boyfriend when he asked her to fix her on the bottom of the pool with just a two liter air tank. He told her that she would have the best underwater orgasm ever when he would lick her until her bottle would been empty. And her boyfriend was right. She had a great orgasm when he licked her pussy through her camaro neoprene suit but after that he let her alone on the bottom of the pool…

1 Video / mp4 / 5 min / 1080p / 0.3 GB / 8.90 $

064 – Renata Learns Scuba in her Oceanic Neoprene Swimsuit

We met Renata last year when she asked to become a photo model for us. After a few minutes she found our Oceanic neoprene swimsuit and imediately fall in love with it. And I fall in love with her in that pretty piece of neoprene! Enjoy her scuba lessons as we did last year in Summer!

Image Set / 860 photos / 1080p / ZIP / 298 MB / $ 7.90

063 – Stella Scuba Showing Ass

The new aqua-girl Stella learned scuba diving (or at least breathing from the regulator) much faster then I expected. I was happy about that because there was no need to assist her. So I was able to concentrate with my camera both to her pretty face and her absolutely perfect ass underwater.

1 Video / mp4 / 10 min / 0.5 GB / 1080p / $ 10.90

062 – Vivianne Tiger String Bathtube

Often it is hard to continue a shooting when a girl really turns you on. This was the case when Vivianne went into the bathtube. I did not know that she could hold her breath for nearly two minutes. During the last thirty seconds of her breathhold she got more and more exited. She hardly needed to touch herself to get to the point when she started having a overwhelming orgasm under the water.

Image Set / 624 photos / 1080p / ZIP / 322 MB / $ 7.90

060 – Brigita Red Swimsuit

When I met Brigita for a casting close to a lake immediately we both had a good feeling and we decided to have a photo shooting in the pool the same afternoon. This set is the first that has no underwater content but it will worth to watch sweet and pretty Brigida when she plaid in the pool and on the raft wearing her red one-piece string swimsuit.

Image Set / 137 photos / 2816x2112p / ZIP / 300 MB / $ 6.90