572 – A Holiday Video for Aria’s Boyfriend. (The Making Of)

Leona Green and Aria had taken two weeks to vacation without their boyfriends. They had already experienced a lot of things that they didn’t necessarily want to tell their boyfriends. Aria’s boyfriend was particularly suspicious, so he should get a special holiday greeting.

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055 – Nora Makes a Selfie for her Boyfriend

Nora just popped up and asked if she can be an underwarter model for us. As you can imagine I had nothing against it and I even made her to a photographer because I gave to her our GoPro and asked her to make a video for her boyfriend. I don’t know how much her boyfriend likes to watch Nora posing and caressing underwater but we like it very much and so we asked Nora to come back for another shooting. She agreed and so you can watch her again – that time using Minies transparent dildo underwater until she came. But that scene I will edit later this month. 

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