478 – Men Only – The Shot

It was rumored around town that Tony Carusso ejaculated a rather large load of cum the first time he squirted off. Julio, who was a great lover of semen, wanted to document that Tony Carusso could pump a lot of the white stuff into the water even underwater.

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441 – Still Some Air!

In the previeous Clip 440 “Fucking to the Last Bit of Air,” Tricia and Eduard started fucking underwater as long as the air in the air tanks reached.When after more than one hour there was still some air in one tank. They really could not stop! So they tried to fuck in a new position …

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440 – Fucking to the Last Bit of Air

A while ago someone in the forum asked me if all our models are real aquaphiles. Not all are, but some. And the longer they are with us, the more they love to fuck underwater. This clip is a good example: Tricia really wanted Eduard to continue fucking her after his first orgasm. She made underwater what she had never achieved on land: Eduard continued without a break, until finally Tricia had her second orgasm. This clip is based on the same performance of Tricia and Eduard as the clip 419. The difference is that the clip was filmed from the point of view of our cameraman. No single second of the footage is the same as in the clip 419!

1 Video / mp4 / 18 min / 1080p / 1.5 Gb / $18.90