554 – Minnie Manga: Unexpected Anal Pleasure Underwater

Minnie Manga was looking forward to a relaxing swim in the pool. But as soon as she got into the water, she somehow had a bad feeling. She saw a young couple getting into the water at the far end of the pool. They didn’t look particularly friendly…

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100 – The Plug – Minnie’s and Eduard’s first Anal Sex Underwater

You know Minnie, you know Eduard. They are a couple they are lovers: Underwater-lovers since a few years. Maybe you saw both of them in the clips 39, 49 and 65 (when Eduard was not very nice to Minnie). So you saw these lovers like the water and they like to fuck in and under water. One day during our last shooting in summer 2014 I asked them to do a scene with an anal plug underwater. Both agreed instantly. Because I know these people since long somehow I expected that they would not stop with the plug. But when Eduard suddenly took it out from Minnie’s anus, replaced it with his hard big dick and started to fuck her asshole it was not only me who was surprised but for sure also Minnie…

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027 – Agi Caresses Her Backside

The fresh water in the pool came from natural reccources in the mountains. The first days we all had the little bubbles of carbon dioxide on our skin, clothers and dive equippment. Agi did not care and enjoid stimulating her anus with her red dildo.

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