367 – The Lost Treasure

The first thing you learn when you do a diving license is that you should not dive when you are sick and you may have pressure balance problems. Tricia did not stick to it – a lost treasure!

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080 – Emi Learns to Use Her Diving Gear

After teaching Emi scuba diving she went back in the pool with me. In the beginning we just shared the regulator. After she took her diving knife and started to caress herself with the glossy blade. It was great to watch her under water and to listen to her breaths and moans…!

1 Video / mp4 / 7 min / 1080p / 1 GB / 8.90 $

001 – Melinda Tries her new Neoprene Wetsuit

The shooting with Melinda was one of my first shootings. I accompanied a friend of mine for his shooting and I took the chance when Melinda agreed to take a few photos in a sexy black neopren suit and dive mask.

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