623 – MEN ONLY – Warming Up!

I had some time over the holidays to put some order into our footage. It happens again and again that you come across little treasures. One of these little treasures was our Adonis Markus in his little Speedo briefs. It’s just a shame to destroy this footage. Instead, I compiled it here and produced a short clip.

1 Video / mp4 / 7 min / 1080p / 0.6 GB / 7.90 $

3 thoughts on “623 – MEN ONLY – Warming Up!

  1. i love him. he is so hot, wish he will do more with guys. this is not bad too i love to see hot guys like him underwater too bad his suit did not fall off.

    1. they have 509 and 510 – Men Only: Tony Caruso and Julio Filming their First Real Underwater Sex is two guys having sex under but i am with you wish there was more proper gay sex one.

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