520 – MEN ONLY – Tony Carusso did not expect that!

Although Tony Carusso knew his friend Julio was gay, Julio’s candor took him by surprise at the diving course. As soon as his friend Roman took his first breaths on the regulator underwater, Julio began to turn him on sexually.

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5 thoughts on “520 – MEN ONLY – Tony Carusso did not expect that!

  1. Tony sucks dick very well! I love how he devours Roman’s shaft all the way down while holding his breath. It’s not a easy trick to do but he makes it look like a piece of cake. I hope they’ll lose all the gears and mask and have a full on action in the future. This clip is one of the best men only clips on this store!

    1. I agree with Jay Axwell……………..Next time a naked underwater three way holding their breath with no masks or gear with full on action!!!!! very Hot and sery..More please!!!

  2. This is an amazing video. This is what we need from male underwater porn. I hope guri keeps it going and soon enough we will have a full male underwater sex orgy.

  3. if they wear fins on their feet , this will be sexier 🙂 especially the type of fins with the small hole at the place of the toes!
    maybe at the next video…

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