544 – MEN ONLY – Jhonny Bravo: Scuba Practice

We still had some time in the afternoon. Jhonny Bravo wanted to use the pool to become more confident with the diving gear. Because we heard from a lot of people that they liked Jhonnie’s natural body with no tattoos and no piercings so much, we asked him afterwards to jerk off his nice cock underwater in front of us one more time. He did and I’m sure we can all agree: Jhonny has a wonderful body and a wonderful cock that really shines underwater. Too bad Jhonny couldn’t cum again at the end.

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One thought on “544 – MEN ONLY – Jhonny Bravo: Scuba Practice

  1. Hot damn he’s gorgeous! Definitely one of the top male models that’s ever been on the men only series. He needs to remove his mask and show his beautiful face.
    I also loved seeing that he tried to stay underwater while he jerks off. Head out on the water with infinite supply of oxygen is no fun, guys should be submerged from head to toe and be holding his breath!

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