571 – MEN ONLY – Revenge Dream

Felix just wanted to swim a little that afternoon. He has been training very regularly for a few months and you could see that. Unfortunately, the diver in the pool was still a number stronger than Felix and so he hardly had a chance. At least one nice dream came to Felix on the way to the afterlife.

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6 thoughts on “571 – MEN ONLY – Revenge Dream

  1. Nice 🙂
    It would be nice, too, if two guys having sex with scuba gear but wearing during sex their flippers, too.
    Or scuba videos with sucking toes, too :-*

  2. Oh WOW, This is what I have been waiting to see.If the regulator was taken away it would be absolutely amazing seeing the guys rely only on their breath.

  3. This is better, but we really need some twinks. Preferably in an out of air scenario, or better still dropping their empty tanks and sharing air mouth to mouth underwater.

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