611 – MEN ONLY – The Strange Egg in Tony Carusso’s Ass

Julio has a gift for his friend Tony Carusso. He was curious to see whether his wireless egg would also work underwater. It worked, but in the end there was a little accident that Tony Carusso couldn’t laugh about…

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3 thoughts on “611 – MEN ONLY – The Strange Egg in Tony Carusso’s Ass

  1. Love the ending. That was a start to something for sure. But I think this would be an amazing addition to the horny scuba instructor series. Have Tony insert the egg before “teaching” and then have some fun and forget the remote on the side of the pool. But the students find it and give him hell as a payback for putting them through tough underwater challenges and touching their bulges in speedos. So Tony has no choice but to endure the intense anal orgasms as they play with the remote and one of them dives in rips out tony’s regulator while he strokes his cock. After that they turn the remote on and leave it on while Tony suffers underwater moaning and thrashing around while breathing greedily from the tank and he cums while running out of air and drowns because he has finished all of his air up.

  2. Need to see more twinks, slim cute guys underwater, prefferably in trouble, preferably bare faced out of air and even giving eachother mouth to mouth air shairng!

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