629 – MEN ONLY – Male Model Casting (Part 1)

Our certified diving instructor Chad Hard was tasked with casting the models who wanted to film with us. Who do you think he chose? You will get a final answer in the second part.

1 Video / mp4 / 13 min / 1080p / 1.1 GB / 14.90 $

2 thoughts on “629 – MEN ONLY – Male Model Casting (Part 1)

  1. Hi there, just some first impressions… it’s nice to see guys in thongs, I just love that. The video is nice, but some of the guys do not seem to feel comfortable in the water: some of them even don’t get their hair wet when their swimming ability is assessed. Dry hair in the pool is not sexy at all, I find.
    More mutual dunking and keeping one another under water will hopefully be shown in the second part.
    If the guys have longer hair, please make them come up head tilted back: wet hair clinging to one’s head is super hot, very macho-like.
    But: the video is nice. Thanks for making it available.

  2. Nice video. The guy in the Aussie bum speedos is great and looks like he can hold his breath longer. If the guys are too close together we miss the action or if the camera is too close to the bodies. It would be good to see some serious dunking and holding under the water between the guys making them hold their breaths longer and only let them up for a quick gasp of air in between each dunk

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